Warlord of Ackbarr

“You can’t just invade, they’ll have men with crossbows looking out for you. They use poisoned arrows, they can fell your outriders in seconds.”

Cassai has managed the unthinkable by killing thousands and Ackbarr can no longer ignore the tiny country defying them. Mika must make a choice who she stands with – her adopted country or the homeland who expelled her as an animal. In the meanwhile, her grip on the human world is sliding…

Extract -

Mika walked up the cobbled streets of Ackbarr to the keep, the large cat pacing beside her. She raised her hand to greet the people who knew her and nodded to those who knew her more by reputation. She wasn’t difficult to spot in the city of darker skinned people, the others who had once made it more cosmopolitan had left several years ago. Those who had stayed had mostly been born here or had nowhere else to go. Even the urchins who’d once gathered on the street corners to add their calls to a noisy market were fewer, everyone had to work hard if they didn’t want to starve.

It had only been her reputation that had saved her from many a possible lynching, the last few years hadn’t been easy for anyone. Cassai had been blamed and she couldn’t help the general populace for believing it. Had it really been three years ago that Petron had left, snarling his revenge? No one could have foreseen what had happened next. The granite city with its many walls and tiers of stone, the defensive cat walks allowing archers to cross from roof to roof without ever touching the ground had been shaken by an enemy it couldn’t fight. She clenched her fists within her green robes and knew the people were right, it had been Cassai to hold that dagger at their throats.

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