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A voice in the dark, “You have taken my Consort. You’ll give her up and take me instead, Kalmár.” It has been ten years since Tina was kidnapped by Kalmar and she has settled into the twilight world of vampires and their pets. However circumstances and her own body are changing faster than she realises, leaving her vulnerable to those who would take advantage. A different reality intrudes as she stumbles across her daughter, now a young woman, forcing her to make hard choices between the two worlds, both inimical to each other. To survive she must gamble with those most precious to her, while fighting to keep her both her sanity and humanity intact.

A Dark Infection

Well, it couldn't be called anything else really, could it?! I never thought I'd write a sequel to A Dark Inheritance. Not until I'd discovered I'd written nearly seven thousand words in odd sentances, scenes and ideas. And then I found I had to keep writing despite having nearly finsihed Medici of Ackbarr, which is why they've both come out only a month apart. So, here's the cover ready for the launch at the beginning of November. I'm really looking forward to getting this one out!

Medici of Ackbarr

The kindle version is coming out on the 4th October 2020. The paperback will depend on whether the Amazon manuscript previewer will behave itself. It's currently putting in extra page breaks where there shouldn't be any. As always, Panagiotis Lampridis has excelled in creating a spell binding cover. “The men go mad eventually – unable to separate themselves from the cats they control. The women? They fare little better...” The words from Lin’s journal haunt Mika as she gains her Medici qualifications. Left homeless by his death, she tries to escape her grief by burying herself in her work, only to discover both old and new enemies waiting in the wings.

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