First printout of new book!

Well, finally got the new book into a readable form. One story from beginning to end. It’s been a very different process to A Dark Inheritance. That book I had mapped out in my head, it was a just case of sitting down and letting the words flow out. Reminding myself not to hurry was the only problem I had. This book I’ve had to write different scenes at different times. Some literally wouldn’t come out and I had to skip them, writing notes on what I wanted to happen and then going back. So, I did the big printing out last night and the first read through in physical form. What a difference that makes. All the paragraph fragments jumping out at me, I’ve been wincing at the lack of depth in pl

When the giant winks...

It’s one thing jumping up and down trying to attract the giant’s attention, it’s quite another when the giant turns round and winks back at you. As a new author that’s what I’ve been doing, running around in circles, squeaking “Please notice me!” with everyone else. winked at me last night. Without warning, my page reads spiked on the Kindle Lending Library. It’s scary. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading the book, I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!

A thank you for all those who down-loaded A Dark Inheritance during the free period. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a review!

A Dark Inheritance - Free!

For those that wish, I am running a free promotion on Amazon starting on the 7th September and ending on the 8th. A Dark Inheritance ​ When Tina Johnson, single mother, forty, wakes up in an isolated castle in Central Europe she simply wants to return to her daughter as quickly as possible. She doesn’t expect to find that she has been kidnapped and brought into a world where power is the key to survival and sanity is an optional extra. Tina discovers she has been watched for many years, she has a rare genetic structure that makes her attractive to vampires and has the possibility of living for well over a century, if she allows herself to become infected. Kalmár has stolen her and intends to

Guardian of the bookcase.

Ok, so I don't have pet dragon guarding my magic books, but I do have cat that like to sleep on my music books. She also dislikes being disturbed, ho hum, better do some writing instead!

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