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The Vampire
The Medici Chronicles
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Stand alone and short stories
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Blood Lore

Book Two - The Medici Chronicles

“The saw rasped against bone and Mika clenched her jaw as her own teeth remembered the red stained ivory sliding beneath them. A crack of powerful muscles and the marrow laid bare. Ears back, eyes hooded - watching. She knows the man will die on the table.”


After five years of hard study, Mika has achieved the rank of Journeyman Medici. Few know that she is a girl pretending to be a boy in the male dominated world of Ackbarr. Far fewer know of the animal concealed beneath her skin.


Searching for any knowledge of her kind, she is determined to travel back to Cassai. The forests of her childhood are seductive, calling to the memories buried deep within but she discovers that her world has moved on without her. Or maybe it never was as she remembers.

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The Lion of Ackbarr


Book One - The Medici Chronicles

“Primal forest, dim light and the muscular grace of a large predator sliding through the undergrowth. Mika twitched, caught up in her dream. Gnats swarmed above the moss coated pools. The crashing of beasts in the distance and the humming of bees. She threaded her way through, blinking in the green light.”


Fifteen year old Mika is to be married to a foreign boy she has only met once, despite her family mourning the recent disappearance of her twin brother, Kaylan. Forced to live in a strange land, far from her home in Cassai, she is resigned to her life as a lady until the day she discovers her new family dead around her. Mika escapes the city and disguises herself to travel to Ackbarr, certain she will discover the real reason for her brother’s disappearance.


Meanwhile, her dreams are filled with a predator stalking the forests of her homeland leaving her trembling with the taste of blood.


A high fantasy novel with elements of Trudi Canavan, Robin Hobb and with a sprinkling of Tamora Pierce!


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A Dark Inheritance by Erme Lander

A Dark Inheritance

When Tina Johnson, single mother, forty, wakes up in an isolated castle in Central Europe she simply wants to return to her daughter as quickly as possible. She doesn’t expect to find that she has been kidnapped and brought into a world where power is the key to survival and sanity is an optional extra.

Tina discovers she has been watched for many years, she has a rare genetic structure that makes her attractive to vampires and has the possibility of living for well over a century, if she allows herself to become infected. Kalmár has stolen her and intends to keep her captive, hiding her from both her family and other vampires. Normality becomes a frightening place as Tina struggles to escape those holding her and to fights to keep her daughter, her lover and her freedom.

Praise for A Dark Inheritance -


“… from the moment I picked it up I was captivated, I couldn't wait to find out what happened next.” - Amazon review


“It offers so much more than the normal horror, blood-sucking narrative; which has been so overdone of late. I have to admit I am not that much of a fan of horror, but this book is so well written I was hooked from the start.” - Good reads review


“A whole new take on the vampire novel. Well written, with an excellent plot. Characters are brilliantly presented and the reader feels completely engaged with them throughout the novel.”

- Amazon review


“Let's face it, we all like a great vampire story, but after a while they tend to all seem to be the same, so it's nice when someone can bring a new twist to it.” - Goodreads review

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Russia, 1963.


A woman walks home in the dark and is kidnapped by a stranger who drinks her blood. To Sasha, vampires are folk tales, told to frighten children. Ethereal beings, haunting graveyards, nothing as solid and real as Kurt.


To Kurt, Sasha is a chance to have something normally denied to him, a human with that rare addition that other vampires crave.


Together they spend the summer hiding, Sasha revelling in the freedom from her tightly controlled life and Kurt waiting in the knowledge that the others are looking for them.

A short story, set earlier than "A Dark Inheritance."

Sasha by Erme Lander

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A tiny tale to tantalize your tastebuds.


A man walks back to the playground of his youth, reminiscing over the event that changed his life.


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Lord of Dust

Daniel and Talia live worlds apart – literally. Daniel is an office worker at an undertakers. Talia does anything she can to stay out of trouble and keep her belly full. Both of their worlds change forever when Daniel stumbles through a rift and Talia rescues him.


Narith is a dying city in desperate need of a hero. It is divided into those who have everything and those forced to indenture themselves or scrabble through the ruins to survive. For years grey men have stalked the streets, desiccating their victims with a single touch.


Set against the backdrop of Talia’s ruined city, the two join up to find the reason for the grey men and inadvertently find friendship and the key to Talia’s forgotten past.


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Medici of Ackbarr

“The men go mad eventually – unable to separate themselves from the cats they control. The women? They fare little better...”


The words from Lin’s journal haunt Mika as she gains her Medici qualifications. Left homeless by his death, she tries to escape her grief by burying herself in her work, only to discover both old and new enemies waiting in the wings.

Medici of Ackbarr k.jpg

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The sequel to "A Dark Inheritance".

Due to be published in November 2020!

A voice in the dark, “You have taken my Consort. You’ll give her up and take me instead, Kalmár.”


It has been ten years since Tina was kidnapped by Kalmar and she has settled into the twilight world of vampires and their pets. However circumstances and her own body are changing faster than she realises, leaving her vulnerable to those who would take advantage.


A different reality intrudes as she stumbles across her daughter, now a young woman, forcing her to make hard choices between the two worlds, both inimical to each other. To survive she must gamble with those most precious to her, while fighting to keep her both her sanity and humanity intact.


The Vampire Duology

This will be published after the sequel to "A Dark Inheritance".

It will comprise of both books and will only be available in Ebook format.


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