Two books coming soon!

It’s been a while but all of a sudden, I have two books that need publishing!

The first is the third book in my Medici Chronicles, covering Mika’s next adventure. I’m just in the process of getting a cover made by the very fabulous Panagiotis Lampridis. The last edits have been done and it will be just a case of loading it up in time for the new month and getting it out on the websites. I’ll do a cover reveal with some blurb for it in the next week or so.

I have to say that it should have been ready earlier in the year however it got swamped by the book that I never thought I’d write. Tina’s story in A Dark Inheritance had been felt by a few to have been left hanging however I didn’t want to continue - it had finished as far as I was concerned. Despite this, I’d been writing down the various sentences and paragraphs popping into my mind over the last couple of years and I discovered that I had seven thousand words and most of a story in my head… and what’s more that pesky vampire was back, refusing to leaving me alone.

I’m hoping this will finally deal with him and I’m sure the amount of crucifixes and garlic I’ve left hanging around his sarcophagus to stop him getting out again, will amuse him no end…

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