First drafts are sometimes like buses...

It's been a busy few months here, my little laptop has been buzzing.

I'd found that my work on the last book of the Medici Chronicles had been gradually getting slower and slower while I had another story whizzing around my brain. I made the decision to stop the first draft of "Warlord" in favour of seeing if I could extract the other story before it sent me loopy. The result was a first draft of a completely new story with new characters in less than two months!

The change in direction appears to have worked, I'm now back into the Medici Chronicles with a vengence and have nearly finished the first draft. It feels sad as I know this is the last of the Mika books, I've known what fate awaited her since I wrote "The Lion" so many years ago. However the joy of a book is that you can pick it up and slide into love, friendships and battles time after time.

And when I've published "Warlord", I'll have the joy of introducing you to a new world of gods and men.

More on that later...


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