And a little bit of polishing...

...sorted before the last of the Medici Chronicles is published on the 26th October!

I've been going through the first four books just to give them that extra sparkle, especially Blood

Lore which suffered a little from the events happening in my life at the time of writing. So do refresh your Kindle to get the best re-read before Warlord is delivered.

It's been fab following Mika and her friends and I always knew how the last book would finish although I did end up tweaking it a little. For those of you who are interested, I based Mika on Dr James Barry. She was one of the remarkable women who got around the problem of being a woman by pretending to be a man and became a Doctor during the times of Florence Nightingale. I'm sure there were plenty of other women in history who have done similar things to escape the constraints of sex and the expectations of men.

I shifted Lissina into Flo's role, although from what I read, they didn't get on when they actually met in real life. Liberties have been well and truly taken from that point onwards and I make

no apologies for it!

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