Lord of Dust

I can't believe I've finally got to the stage where this book is nearly ready to be published. I'm determained to get it published this year. It just needs a last edit to pick up any repeated words and it should be ready to go. I've contacted my fabulous cover designer, this is the exciting bit to see what he comes up with!

This book's something different, it's a portal/rift fantasy that's had me tied up in knots trying to sort the timeline. New charactors, new world - Enjoy!

So, here we go...

Daniel and Talia live worlds apart – literally. Daniel is an office worker at an undertakers. Talia does anything she can to stay out of trouble and keep her belly full. Both of their worlds change forever when Daniel stumbles through a rift following a girl, and Talia rescues him.

Narith is a dying city in desperate need of a hero. It is divided into those who have everything and those forced to indenture themselves or scrabble through the ruins to survive. For years grey men have stalked the streets, unstoppable and desiccating their victims with a single touch.

Set against the backdrop of Talia’s ruined city, the two join up to find the reason for the grey men and inadvertently find friendship and the key to Talia’s forgotten past.

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