Holiday in Whitby.

What could be better than a holiday in Whitby for an author of vampire stories? Apart from a visit to Transylvania that is… and my holiday budget doesn’t stretch that far! We saw a fabulous production of Dracula at Whitby Abbey by a company of three actors playing all the parts. Many mentions were made of this or that character looking very similar to others… They kept about a hundred of us mesmerised, including twenty or so children for well over an hour, moving us about the Abbey grounds in pursuit of Jonathan Harker, Mina and of course Dracula himself. As we left the sea mist started to roll in, ensuring that the next performance would be even more atmospheric!

I was also reminded last week about how it feels to be scared, and unsure what is going to happen next. How the heart beats faster, the palms become sweaty, with your eyes darting everywhere trying to take everything in. A visit to the Terror Tower in Scarborough that didn’t take long to walk through, but still left me jumpy in the daylight afterwards, much to the amusement of my teenage son.

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